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Absolutely Normal Dropper Map              Version 0.14.0 – 1.17.0
King of Dropper              Version 0.14.0 – 1.17.0
Water Dropper              Version 0.14.0 – 1.17.0


Download dropper maps for Minecraft PE: engaging minigame with tons of various places and also obstacles remains in the game.

What is a Dropper map in MCPE?

The dropper is just one of one of the most recognizable, amazing, oldest, as well as simply prominent minigames in Minecraft PE. It ends up its rules are fairly easy, however the really gameplay is truly pleasurable.

All you require to do is to drop. Nevertheless, there is going to be a lot of barriers on your way down the water. Levels will get a lot more complicated to beat each time you complete one.

Generally, this MCPE minigame will certainly satisfy you as well as your pals given that you can even play it online with them.

Definitely Regular Dropper Map

This Minecraft PE dropper map presents a few degrees with particular functions like specific impacts on each one of them. For instance, on a few of these levels, you will certainly be poisoned or have queasiness.

They will certainly make it way harder to finish since the clear view is one of the most essential components needed to do well in dropper maps.

However, there are only 3 degrees on this MCPE map.

King of Dropper

This dropper is much more complicated compared to the previous one. To start with, there are twelve various levels to complete as well as have fun. All of them are unbelievably relaxing and lively in Minecraft PE.

Rainbow degree will certainly make you cheer, the nether as well as frozen ones will certainly give you slips, and et cetera. Altogether, there is a great deal to discover since you can even locate some easter eggs.

Your old pal Mario is always pleased to see all of you.

Water Dropper

Perhaps, this MCPE dropper is the most special you could discover on the Web. Generally, you fall in a hole and also attempt to strike the water under of the tube-like map.

Nonetheless, this location is totally different when it comes to those auto mechanics. It appears you will be falling in water. It's very attached to the Update Aquatic.

Your most exceptional and most elegant dropper experience begins below.

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