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Package includes:
Legion 1.17.0 – 1.20.15
Zombobs 1.19.0 – 1.20.15
Waves 1.19.80 – 1.20.15

Get the Zombie Waves Map for Minecraft PE: Immerse yourself in a realm infested by perilous monsters and engage in battles for your survival!

What's the Addition of Zombie Waves Map to MCPE?
In the hours of darkness, the life of a Minecraft PE player often takes a challenging turn, as various malevolent monsters emerge within the game's domain. The Zombie Waves Map caters to those who relish risks and seek to assess their prowess in life-or-death combat.

For those seeking a smoother journey through the ordeal, rallying companions for aid is an option.

Horde Encounters

A distinctive setting awaits a group of five individuals. The Zombie Waves Map presents Minecraft PE players with a genuinely arduous clash against menacing monsters. Regaining possessions after death remains unfeasible, adding a layer of complexity to the mission. Mobs relentlessly assail the character in coordinated groups, compelling them to repel the onslaught by any conceivable means.

In preparation, procuring armor from the in-game store proves invaluable to shield the protagonist. Each vanquished wave of zombies accrues experience points, which can be spent on acquiring superior equipment.

Altogether, survival mandates enduring five successive waves of assaults and confronting formidable bosses.

Monstrous Challenges

Minecraft PE enthusiasts must confront monstrous adversaries and systematically triumph over each unit in the lineup. The protagonist's pursuit involves ceaselessly seeking weaponry, honing expertise, and acquiring enhancements. This Zombie Waves Map is a trial only the seasoned and courageous players can navigate.

In a multiplayer setup, the option to join forces with friends to combat mobs presents itself. Survival assumes an even more demanding tenor if the player tinkers with the Zombobs settings.

Onslaughts Unleashed

Withstanding a barrage of twenty monster incursions will prove a feat few can accomplish. Those who dare to implement this Zombie Waves Map will undoubtedly put themselves to the test. Minecraft PE players will grapple with the most ghastly denizens native to the game's realm. Armed with weapons and fortified armor, they'll wage battles against these grotesque adversaries.


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