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Package includes:
TN City               Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.2
Queen International Airport               Version 1.14.0 – 1.18.2
Miselville               Version 1.16.0 – 1.18.2

Download airport map for Minecraft PE, go through ticket control, as well as via various other stages of confirmation to jump on the airplane!

Airport map for MCPE

Numerous have actually had to take a trip to other countries in their lives. The most effective and also fastest means to do this is by plane. But before getting on the airplane, you need to experience various stages of checks at the airport.

Now a player in Minecraft PE can do this too. To do this, he requires to set up a map with the flight terminal. Thus, the player will certainly be able to obtain accustomed with all the subtleties of the airport terminal.

TN City

This city has actually been known to gamers given that old versions of Minecraft PE. It consists of numerous cities, vineyards, countryside and, most importantly, an airport. The airport on this map is fairly straightforward, however at the same time rather lovely. It has just a few airplane of numerous versions.

Nonetheless, they do not have any kind of functionality. Additionally, the user may see hangars. Several of them are vacant, while others include an airplane. In addition, you can see the aircraft right airborne, which is just going to land.

Queen International Airport

Unlike the previous variation, the Queen International Flight terminal map consists of aircrafts that can fly in Minecraft PE. It is additionally worth keeping in mind that there are many other adjustments offered here. With their aid, the airport in this map feels vibrant because there is an NPC right here. They stand at different control factors. The user can in addition see the food court and also consume well there.


When going into the Miselville in Minecraft PE map for the first time, the gamer appears before the maps of this city. The initial of these is the airport terminal map, which is extremely well done. Firstly, it thrills with its plus size. The airplanes below are no less beautiful and also small. The gamer will require fairly a long period of time to explore the airport terminal in Miselville city completely.

What is Airport Map in general?

The Airport Map for Minecraft PE is a popular map for the mobile game that brings the excitement of air travel to the world of Minecraft. The map features a fully functional airport with a variety of different areas to explore, including a terminal building, runway, and control tower.

One of the standout features of the Airport Map for Minecraft PE is the ability to fly planes. Players can build and customize their own planes using a variety of different blocks and items, and then take to the skies to explore the world of Minecraft from a whole new perspective. The map also includes a variety of different planes to choose from, including commercial jets, private planes, and military aircraft.

In addition to the planes, the Airport Map for Minecraft PE also includes a variety of other airport-themed features. Players can visit the terminal building to check in for flights, go through security, and visit the duty-free shop. The map also includes a variety of different airport vehicles, such as baggage carts and fuel trucks, which can be used to help keep the airport running smoothly.

Overall, the Airport Map for Minecraft PE is a great addition for players who enjoy the excitement of air travel or just want to try something new in the world of Minecraft. It adds a unique twist to the game and offers endless hours of fun and exploration. If you're a fan of Minecraft and want to experience the thrill of flying, be sure to give the Airport Map for Minecraft PE a try!


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