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Who is Your Daddy               Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.2

Download that is your daddy map for Minecraft PE: and also under no conditions allow your kid commit suicide!

Who is your daddy map for MCPE

Who's Your Dad is an intriguing multiplayer game for the computer. There are only two personalities in this video game: a kid and also his daddy. The child requires to eliminate himself by all offered ways.

And also the father, subsequently, requires to stop his child from doing this. To do this, he has to frequently check him as well as hide all type of harmful things much from the child. If the child took care of to eliminate himself, then the game will certainly be shed for the papa.

Ground floor

Upon entering the That's Your Father map for Minecraft PE, the gamer will certainly appear on the house's initial flooring. Right here he will certainly remain in the space where there will be tablets with all the needed info about the map.

First of all, you require to set the problem on the planet to calm to ensure that any hostile crowds do not conflict with the game. After that you must call your close friend as well as select that will play which duty.

Depending upon the roles, it would be best to establish the skin of the child or daddy. On the ground floor on this map in Minecraft PE is the kitchen area, and also beside it in the restroom.

In the kitchen, you can see a damaged window to venture out into the yard. There is a pool in the lawn where a child can attempt to sink himself.

2nd flooring

There is a large staircase on the That's Your Dad map in Minecraft PE from the first flooring to the second. It is worth keeping in mind that a youngster falling down a ladder can take damage. There are currently 4 rooms on the 2nd floor.

One of them is the kid's room due to the fact that there are playthings, as well as his bed. Among the playthings, there is a slug with a knockback magic.

In an additional area, there is a sword, which is also charmed to knockback, however currently meant for the father. Also, on the map, there are different remedies for bring back lives and also for creating damage.

A youngster needs to make use of damaging remedies to cause damages on themselves. And also the father, with the aid of remedies to bring back lives, can heal the youngster.


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