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TRG Village              Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.2
DJs Castle Hide and Seek              Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.2


Download village maps for Minecraft PE: small settlements, substantial castles, and impressive buildings are in the video game now.

What can you find in MCPE town maps?

Minecraft PE players are big fans of organizing and also developing towns as well as communities with castles. It's simple to find a medieval industry with knights and warriors around the city.

Although MCPE is known for its capacity to come to be anything you want, it is primarily considered to be a medieval sort of video game. That's why there are much more palaces than spaceships in the game.

Ultimately, we do not have guns but swords and bows.

TRG Village

According to the developer, this Minecraft PE map is just one of one of the most remarkable ones you can stumble upon on the internet. It stands for a little feudal town with a large rock castle in the center of it.

Some components are made of timber, so it's definitely not a luxurious royal residence of a king. Nevertheless, its negotiation appears to be growing. Most of the houses are constructed from wood as well as additionally include full of helpful stuff breasts.

Besides, its defenses seem solid enough to shield the citizens from the MCPE threats of any kind of kind. Moreover, peasants have lots of food given that their irrigated lands are substantial.

Altogether, it's an excellent area to begin your extraordinary survival adventures.

DJs Castle Hide as well as Look For

This Minecraft PE map combines the two most remarkable styles in one. Majestic castles and also amusing minigames once combined offer you substantial contentment.

Hide-and-seek rules are quite comfy on this map. One gamer is looking for others while they are attempting to their best hiding themselves.

And all of it happens in a bulky castle with stables, kitchen areas, dungeons, and also dorm rooms in MCPE. Inevitably, individuals will certainly have a good time discovering this location and also concealing from the hunter for sure.

However, to get the most effective possible experience, you'll obviously require several of your buddies to sign up with the video game.


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