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Locomotive Addon 0.14.0 – 1.18.0
Real Train Addon 0.14.0 – 1.16.0
Train Mod 0.14.0 – 1.18.0
Philippine National Railway Addon 0.14.0 – 1.18.0

Download and install train mod for Minecraft PE: actual trains and also other mechanic things has been added to the game.

What does the Train Mod perform in MCPE?

Several gamers are in hopeless demand of new lorries in Minecraft PE. Horses, donkeys, as well as mules do not fit their demands. Hence there are many train addons.

Most of them simply present these marvels of the commercial age. On the other hand, others are a lot more complex.

In conclusion, you need to provide a shot to every alteration given that they are rather beneficial.

Locomotive Addon

This Minecraft PE mod advises of the Railcraft, prominent PC modification, which boosts minecarts in the game. Locomotive addon, however, is a bit different.

As opposed to adding brand-new trains as well as other things like it, developers concentrated on already existing minecarts and also added new kinds.

According to the writer, you'll be able to do anything you can possibly envision.

There is a minecart that raises the rate of your carts in MCPE.

The better one you craft, the much faster you move.

Actual Train Addon

If you want something really magnificent and also impressive, this addon will certainly fit you specifically. It ends up there are loads of highly-detailed trains included the game.

And also you can select any your heart desires. These trains are all wonderful. Luckily, you can install them and also get to the other factor of your train in Minecraft PE.

By the way, the design of these locomotives is Japanese. It suggests the Japan followers will certainly be happy to read about their trains show up in the game.

Train mod

This alteration is most likely the easiest one. All it does is adding one single railway carriage to MCPE. 2 gamers can ride it simultaneously.

Certainly, the more instructors you include, the much more players will certainly get to do it.

Philippine National Train Addon

Under this addon's developer, gamers will get a possibility to utilize Philippine trains, which is quite an exciting thing to experience because its originality.

The engines are exceedingly huge-- four blocks high and forty blocks long. It makes them the hugest crowd in Minecraft PE.

All in all, these addons will certainly make your life significantly much more pleasurable.


The Train Mod for Minecraft PE is a popular mod that brings the excitement of trains to the world of Minecraft. The mod adds a variety of new items, blocks, and mobs that allow players to build and ride their own trains in the game.

One of the standout features of the Train Mod for Minecraft PE is the ability to create and customize your own trains. Players can build train tracks using a variety of different blocks and then place a train on the tracks to ride around the world of Minecraft. The mod also includes a variety of different train engines and carriages to choose from, allowing players to create their own unique trains.

In addition to building and riding trains, the Train Mod for Minecraft PE also introduces new gameplay mechanics related to trains. Players can create train stations and stop signs to control the movement of their trains, and can even use minecarts as weapons to attack mobs or other players. The mod also includes a variety of different train-themed items, such as tickets and conductor hats, that players can use to further enhance their train-building and riding experience.

Overall, the Train Mod for Minecraft PE is a great addition for players who enjoy the excitement of trains or just want to try something new in the world of Minecraft. It adds a new level of depth and replayability to the game and is sure to be a hit with train enthusiasts and casual players alike. If you're a fan of Minecraft and looking to add a new mode of transportation to your world, be sure to give the Train Mod for Minecraft PE a try!


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