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Too Many Items Mod with ToolBox 0.14.0 – 1.18.12
Advanced Too Many Items 1.2.0 – 1.18.12
Not Enough Items Mod 1.14.0 – 1.18.12

Download and install TEI mod for Minecraft PE: obtain a chance to use your stock freely and also with complete capability.

What is TEI?

TEI, or Too Many Things, is an MCPE adjustment produced to make the life of the fellow customers easier. It turns out that with the help of TEI, you'll be able to discover the recipes.

But it's not all. Gamers additionally get an opportunity to get unlimited Survival products, which could be crucial in some cases. But do not overuse it: it is forbidden to rip off on the public servers.

Too Many Products Mod with ToolBox

According to the devs, this addon will certainly fit all gamers' wishes because it is making your supply more effective. For example, when mounted, this addon will certainly let you take all Minecraft PE items without an issue.

However, initially, you obtained ta set it up properly. After the download, open Setups as well as locate the GUI. Afterward, pick Classic to be able to see the updated table.

This is it-- you no longer require to fret about TEI considering that it also has automated updates.

Use it freely. Let your creativity prosper in MCPE.

Advanced Way Too Many Products

TEI has numerous forms and also even an advanced one. As it appears, its performance pushes the borders even additionally. Currently Minecraft PE players can transform weather condition as well as a lot more.

As an example, you can establish spawn factors, regulate the day and night cycle, and also heal yourself. There is another part of it, which permits you to take care of the weather and also begin thunderstorms.

The designers of Too Many Items have made the teleportation system feasible within the video game. It turns out, users have the ability to set up different waypoints to teleport in between them.

Not Enough Things Mod

Another TEI type is NEI, also known as Inadequate Items. Its functions are rather the very same, yet it works far better than TEI in some aspects. To open the food selection, you got ta press the N button in the ideal bottom edge.

Now there will be great deals of other switches, which you can utilize absolutely openly. For instance, Minecraft PE player can set up the weather or take any block he wants.

All in all, it's really practical to have while constructing something.


The TEI Mod for Minecraft PE is a popular mod that adds a new mob to the game: the Titans. The Titans are giant humanoid creatures that are capable of causing destruction wherever they go.

One of the standout features of the TEI Mod for Minecraft PE is the size and power of the Titans. These mobs are much larger than most other mobs in the game and are extremely difficult to defeat. They are also able to summon smaller mobs to fight alongside them, making them even more formidable.

In addition to the Titans themselves, the TEI Mod for Minecraft PE also introduces new gameplay mechanics related to these mobs. Players can collect the Titans' various body parts as drops and use them to create new items and blocks. The mod also adds a new boss battle against the Titans, which is sure to be a challenge for even the most experienced Minecraft players.

Overall, the TEI Mod for Minecraft PE is a great addition for players who enjoy facing off against formidable mobs and challenging boss battles. It adds a new level of excitement and difficulty to the game and is sure to keep players on their toes. If you're a fan of Minecraft and looking for a new challenge, be sure to give the TEI Mod for Minecraft PE a try!


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