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Package includes:
Parkour               Version 1.1.0 – 1.18.2
Hard Edition               Version 1.16.0 – 1.18.2
House               Version 1.16.0 – 1.18.2

Download and install the floor is lava map for Minecraft PE, and attempt to prevent coming under the lava so as not to burn up in it

The flooring is a lava map for MCPE

The Floor is Lava is a preferred mini-game. The significance of this game is that in an ordinary room, the flooring is made from lava. The user's main job is that he must reach a particular factor or gather all the Easter eggs.

At the same time, he should never ever touch the lava, or else, he will immediately wear out completely. Now you can play this video game in Minecraft PE by downloading unique maps for this.


This flooring is a lava map for Minecraft PE is perfect for playing with pals. In the beginning, the player shows up in a normal area to obtain all the required details. After that he needs to push the switch to start, after which the customer is teleported to the first level. This level is a living room.

After that, a ten-second countdown will start, as well as the floor will develop into lava. The player requires to get to the following degree without ever before touching the lava. In addition to passing the degree, the individual still needs to find nether stars. There will be 5 of them in overall.

Hard Version

On this floor is a lava map, the player will certainly show up at the beginning of a lengthy tunnel. Glass will certainly block the course in advance. It suffices to approach this glass for it to go away, and also the video game starts. The gamer will have to go with instead long parkour in Minecraft PE.

With each fall, the customer will fall into lava as well as burn to ashes. After that, he will once more appear at the tunnel's start, where he showed up at the very first entrance. To make complex matters, there are no control points.


The distinction in between the flooring in lava map and also others is that it has a little storyline. Right here, the player requires to run away from your house, undergo big parkour, and also get into a helicopter to leave from this location. There are 6 different degrees on the map. Each degree has its own checkpoint.

Download for free at MCPEDL


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