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One Block Challenge              Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.2
On One Block              Version 1.2.0 – 1.16.201


Download the Survival on a Solitary Block Map for Minecraft PE: try to get yourself to the foodchain's top with limited sources.

Just how to survive with a Single Block in MCPE?

Minecraft PE has actually always been about the tough survival experience where gamers needed to rummage the globe to look for the necessary products.

However, some users were unquestionably disappointed with it since there are lots otherwise numerous maps with numerous restrictions.

Survival on a single block is a map type where reduced individuals have to establish and somewhat value within limited room.
Typically, MCPE has actually come to be much more complicated and also difficult than in the past, thanks to those maps.

One Block Difficulty

At first glimpse, this typical map provides nothing so unique, but it risks to undermine all Minecraft PE pros worldwide in truth.

In the beginning, you have nothing but one block you are standing on. Nonetheless, the more blocks you break, the more blocks appear step by step.

One of the most intriguing component is it takes place arbitrarily, as well as you never ever understand whether it's going to be lava or a diamond ore in MCPE.

Individuals will need to give up some of the blocks in some cases. As an example, you get obsidian, however you can not damage it because you have no suitable equipment.

But you should demolish it anyway for the globe to keep creating. As you can see, a lot of drama can take place ever as well as anon.

On One Block

All similar maps work the same way as we have actually described. You have one block at first. You maintain destroying them, as well as extra stuff shows up.

Nevertheless, there's a vital difference this time around. This Minecraft PE can periodically generate chests with precious loot. You don't have much anyway, so it'll be an exceptional existing.

Some individuals even take care of to develop enormous castles and automated ranches. Possibly you can reach that degree also.


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