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Package includes:
Subnautica               Version 1.13.0 – 1.18.2
Subnautica Base               Version 1.17.0 – 1.18.2


Download and install subnautica map for Minecraft PE: defend against hostile undersea crowds, discover the attributes of the brand-new globe!

Subnautica map for MCPE

Subnautica is a pretty good video game. In this video game, the personality has to make it through in the undersea globe as well as explore its functions. Now Minecraft PE gamers can likewise play this game. All you require to do is download Subnautica maps. After that, all that stays is to call good friends and dive into the limitless expanses of the underwater as well as mysterious world.


This map stands for a massive underwater globe in Minecraft PE. You can right away see how hard the author dealt with this map because there are even unique textures and also mods right here. Therefore, the player can completely submerse himself in the Subnautica map. When you initially go into the map, the gamer will certainly appear in a small location.

Right here he will certainly see signs on which all the info essential for survival will be given. To dive much deeper, the customer requires to wear armor. Each shield allows you to come down to a various height:

Leatherto 108 to 143 meter
Ironto 73 meters to 107 meters
Goldto 36 meters to 72 meters
Diamondto 0 meters to 35 meters

Without shield in Minecraft PE, the player can just be at a height from 144 blocks to 160 and just 25 seconds. Incidentally, on the Subnautica map the player can additionally develop shield. To do this, he needs iron ingots, glass as well as a block of red dirt. Lastly, it ought to be stated that the map has a dimension of 1024 x 1024 blocks and a great deal of different interesting frameworks.

Subnatuica Base

The author of Subnautica Base map for MCPE was influenced by the initial video game when building a base. There is no storyline below like in the previous map.

Subnautica Base is much more developed for the gamer to find up with numerous challenges as well as execute them with good friends. Additionally, this card is excellent for followers of the original computer game.

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