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Download and install the Entity 303 mod for Minecraft PE: meet the horror and the disaster in one face.

Entity 303 Mod Emphasizes

Entity 303 is one of the scariest as well as well-known characters in the Minecraft PE cosmos. He's believed to be the heir of Herobrine.

Others claim Herobrine alerted users concerning Entity 303 in the pasts, however nobody paid attention to him. He's called this way since lots of believe Notch worked with a developer in the past with a comparable nickname.

303mojang. com30 is his first name. As soon as he was discharged from Mojang Studios, the dev angered and determined to seek retribution by damaging gamers' worlds.

The good news is, Entity 303 is not in MCPE, yet numerous take on gamers adored him and developed a lot of addons in his honor.

Entity 303 Manager

This tiny yet fantastic mod features the notorious Entity 303 as another manager in Minecraft PE. It has numerous one-of-a-kind strikes and additional powers.

First off, he fires fireballs like the Ender Dragon. Generally, this manager fires loads of projectiles, so you should put the crucial enchantment on your armor set.

Moreover, Entity 303 instantaneously summons thunder, so the fight can appear a lot more remarkable and epic at the same time. Wither Skeletons are his allies, so look out for them.

This infamous personality is additionally a big TNT fan. You should expect to get a lot of damage from surges ultimately. Attempt putting on some pieces of shield with the Blast Protection appeal in MCPE.


If you are either brave or dumb sufficient to threaten his supremacy, you need to first eliminate the Wither.

It turns out a Nether Celebrity is needed to mobilize Entity 303 in Minecraft PE. However, you have to prepare yourself securely as well as attentively.

This boss can mobilize thunder and strike you with screws of lightning. Besides, it is also able to stimulate the harmful jaws from underground.

If needed, Entity 303 can even spawn its own duplicates, so the gamer would obtain confused as well as shed in MCPE.

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