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Old               Version 0.16.0 – 1.18.0
New               Version 1.12.0 – 1.18.0
2019               Version 1.12.0 – 1.18.0

Download and install Stampy's Lovely World map for Minecraft PE, as well as discover the well-known YouTuber's city!

Stampy's Lovely Globe map for MCPE

Stampy's Lovely Globe was produced by Stampylonghead. He is among one of the most popular YouTubers in the Minecraft industry. In this world, the player can discover a great deal of different structures. Among them, there are restaurants, shops. Although players developed the map for the Xbox, they soon brought it to Minecraft PE.


This is the oldest variation of Stampy's Lovely World in Minecraft PE. Upon very first entering, the player will certainly show up in a tiny room. Below it will be surrounded by plates, which will have all the info regarding the map as well as its writers. When discovering the map, the user might notice an orange rocket.

There is a high lighthouse next to it, right at the edge of the map. There are also numerous residential structures as well as even restaurants. Stampys Funland can be seen distant. There are a great deal of various video games below. This area will be a great remedy for having fun with good friends.


This map is an update to Stampy's Lovely Globe in Minecraft PE. Below, beside the rocket, you can see an airport terminal with a runway. There is a plane on this path. Also, new structures have actually appeared between the domestic structures and the amusement component of the map.

Previously, this area was empty as well as looked rather boring. A big clock can be seen among the brand-new structures. You can also see new structures contributed to Stampys Funland, making the place even more intriguing.


Stampy's Lovely Globe 2019 is one of the most current version of this map in Minecraft PE. Here, at the edge of the map, you can see the huge skins of some of the writers. In addition, there are teleports in the entrance hall.

Each of them teleports to some integral part of the map. As well as from each such point, you can return to the lobby. This is very convenient as it enables you to explore the map swiftly.


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