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0.14.0 – 1.18.0

Download and install SpongeBob mod for Minecraft PE: fulfill legendary personalities and also befriend them.

What remains in SpongeBob Mod?

SpongeBob SquarePants is a well-known animated collection that drew back in 1999. It has actually ended up being a genuine hit, as well as currently you can experience it in MCPE.

A wide variety of acknowledged personalities will certainly appear in the video game. Several of them are friendly, some of them are not. Overall, the Overworld has actually come to be way extra appealing.

Kind mobs

A lot of the new creatures are replacing the old ones. As an example, SpongeBob himself is now in a pig's location. Obviously, he is a friendly one, as well as he will not strike you.

Though Patric Celebrity changes creepers in Minecraft PE, he will not assault users. The same thing with Mister Krabs. He is famous for his love of money.

Fortunately, Mr. Krabs will certainly not attempt to burglarize you. Nonetheless, you must understand that he is in area of skeletons. So, this greedy creature ТЕcan be discovered in wilds fairly frequentlyКСТ.

Jellyfish are neutralizing ghasts in the Nether of MCPE. This area has actually ended up being less harmful and also more positive.

Neutral animals

Larry the Lobster is replacing iron golems in Minecraft PE. He is rather strong, yet you can still beat him. Larry won't attack you unless you have actually done something stupid like defeating him.

Mrs. Puff acts the same way as the Lobster. You should not assault it, and also you'll remain in tranquility and serenity. Incidentally, there are Bikini Bottom Citizens.

They all change common citizens in MCPE. Consequently, they will certainly try to run away from zombies. They additionally coop with Larry the Lobster. You can still trade with them.

Hostile beasts

Squidward Tentacles might appear sweet in some episodes, however he typically acts fairly aggressively. So, he is considered to be an aggressive mob in Minecraft PE.

Sandy Cheeks took husks' place as well as became a bad guy, as well as she will try to eliminate customers. Plankton does the same thing.

When slain, he would go down blocks or dollars with the texture pack.

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