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0.14.0 – 1.18.12

Download and install Mutant Creatures mod for Minecraft PE: exceptionally dangerous mobs as well as terrifying monsters.

What does Mutant Creatures mod do?

This Minecraft PE modification includes 9 rather threatening but still exciting crowds. Every one of them will attempt to eliminate you. Know considering that they are solid.

You must craft some shield and also a ruby sword. It would be much better for you if you constructed an iron golem.


There are two new sorts of zombies in Minecraft PE. A mutant husk and also a mutant zombie will certainly be your "companions" throughout your gameplay.

The most stunning function of this addon is that everyone currently has stages as if they were employers in various other games. For instance, throughout a fight with a mutant zombie, it'll summon its minions to challenge you.

In addition, this mutant has 130 hearts, so it'll take greater than 20 ruby sword swings to defeat it.

An altered husk acts almost the same way in MCPE.


Once adorable mobs currently look extremely dreadful. Long arm or legs and prolonged neck makes it an actual nightmare.

Obviously, now these climbers deal more damage to the setting.

Its explosions are bigger and more dangerous. Incidentally, they are not terrified of pet cats. So, your little friends won't stop them whatsoever in Minecraft PE.

A mutant creeper has 180 HP.

Skeletal systems

Bone clusters have actually constantly been quite dangerous for a gamer, today they have actually become simply much better. They fire five arrowheads simultaneously as well as quest wolves they once were scared of.

Mutated skeletons and strays have 2 stages. On the second one, they'll start shooting projectiles with TNT. These brand-new skeletal systems currently have 120 points of wellness in Minecraft PE.

Moreover, nether skeletons have actually been updated also. They obtained a big new sword which deals great deals of damage.

Besides, they are much more long lasting than their overworld sidekicks-- they possess 130 HP.

Other mobs

Aside from that, wolves, pigmen, and also sank have actually obtained its altered kind. A mutant perished is readily available just on the latest MCPE variations.

Suggestion: players can tame new pets as well as ride them like steeds!


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