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Package includes:
Squeeb s SabersVersion 1.16.0 – 1.18.0
Simple Lightsabers Version 1.16.0 – 1.18.0


Download and install lightsaber mod for Minecraft PE: gather crystals, utilize them to make brand-new and powerful swords, as well as conveniently defeat aggressive creatures!

Lightsaber mod for Minecraft Bedrock Version

Throughout survival in Minecraft PE, the player comes across a selection of hostile animals. Some are fairly very easy to kill, while others are hazardous. Defense in the game consist of swords, a bow, as well as a weapon.

This is commonly not enough. In such instances, lightsabers are a fantastic solution. They not just look gorgeous as well as effective but also have a great deal of damage done. With such swords, just no crowd would certainly be dangerous.

Squeeb's Sabers

In this lightsaber mod for Minecraft PE, the player can use 5 brand-new swords. Nonetheless, prior to that, they require to be crafted, which is quite difficult. Initially, the player requires to drop right into the caverns to arrive iron and gold ingots. You will certainly also have to find red dirt considering that you will certainly not have the ability to craft any kind of lightsaber without it. Afterwards, the customer will be able to make components of the swords, but quartz is still required.

You can discover him only in the abyss-- Hell. As well as all that continues to be is to get the dyes. Afterwards, finally, the gamer will have the ability to craft the wanted lightsaber. It deserves keeping in mind that a regular red lightsaber can be updated. This will certainly require special products. With their aid, the user will be able to get the Crossguard Red Lightsaber.

Basic Lightsabers

In this lightsaber mod for Minecraft PE, crafting swords is much easier, yet better sources are needed. First, the player must get rubies and scented them. Thus, he will receive an unique crystal.

Next, the crystal needs to be put in the facility of the workbench and also the intense powder near the bottom. There ought to be a specific thing to the right of the crystal, depending on which crystal is needed:

Thing Color
Redstone Red
Honeycomb Orange
Glow dirt Yellow
Slime Green
Ice Blue
Ender's eye Purple

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