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Download Jurassic Craft mod for Minecraft PE as well as reach see genuine as well as lethal dinosaurs.

What's Jurassic Craft?

Earth's Jurassic duration is widely known to the public as the time of dinosaurs. Certainly, the addon with the exact same name will certainly include those reptiles right into the MCPE.

Individuals will certainly have the ability to locate loads of numerous creatures hiding in desserts, forests, and also plains of this once serene world.

Moreover, you'll get to tame a few of them. It means giant tamable beasts that you can ride are now in the video game.


The most typical dinosaur of this addon is absolutely a raptor. You can discover these dinos essentially anywhere.

Velociraptors, as they additionally called, are replacing rabbits. Fortunately, you can also tame them in MCPE.

For that, you'll require some meat. Remember: this type of dinosaur is carnivorous. It implies they are gon na attack any life kind they see.

They can also open up doors!


One more aggressive dino in Minecraft PE. You won't be safe near them, 'cause they are rather vicious and wan na eliminate you.

However, you can tame its infant variation.

When it matures, it'll shield you as well as your buddies from any kind of risk. An MCPE user will also get to ride it. It's speedy!


You can not locate this kind of dinos, yet you can try to produce it. It's easy, though. You just require to give a pail of milk to a common raptor.

It'll turn into a terrible creature that is ready to eliminate everything in Minecraft PE. Sadly, you can not tame it.


Tyrannosaurus Rex is probably the most famous dinosaur on the planet, many thanks to Hollywood. Yet despite its notorious reputation of a savage animal, a player can really befriend it.

One of the most magnificent attribute of this dino-- it can bring things in MCPE. So, all daring gamers should certainly locate and tame it.


Those are the smallest creatures of Jurassic Craft. Though they may appear non-threatening to a player when in teams, they are very harmful.

Compsognathus is unfriendly, however you can tame them, or simply sidetrack with an item of meat in Minecraft PE.


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