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Package includes:
Classic               Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.2
Fancy               Version 1.2.0 – 1.18.2
Minecraft PE APK               Version 1.16.0 – 1.18.2

Download cravings video games map for Minecraft PE, and also call your close friends as well as figure out which of you is the strongest!

Cravings Games map for MCPE

Hunger Games is among one of the most renowned minigames in Minecraft PE. The significance of this video game is that initially, the gamers gather in the center. A countdown begins, after which customers run to the upper bodies to gather points.

Then you require to research the upper bodies as well as collect as many good things as possible. After a certain time, the death suit begins. The one who stays the last survivor wins.

Fancy Invaders

This Cravings Games map for Minecraft PE is old. For that reason, right here nearly every little thing needs to be done manually. There are not also command blocks. However the advantage of this map is that it deals with a lot of versions of the video game. A maximum of four individuals can play at the very same time. Everyone is on their very own group.

Among the players should start the countdown from 5, after which the game will begin. It is worth noting that three ghasts can be seen in the sky, which can be released throughout the game. To do this, you require to damage the clay to make sure that they venture out. Thus, the deathmatch will only come to be extra fascinating.

Timeless Appetite Games

Command blocks are already present in the Standard Appetite Games map for Minecraft PE. Here, the gamer first shows up in the lobby toselect one of the 3 offered sets. Afterwards, you need to head to the following space to click the button to begin the video game.

Modern Cravings Gamings

Modern Hunger Games map offers the player with the most comfortable game in Minecraft PE. Practically every little thing is automated here. First off, it is worth keeping in mind that the customer has the chance to play both solo and also in a team. A group can have from a couple of gamers.

Also, on the ideal side of the display, there is a table where you can see the state of each team, as it occurs in the genuine Appetite Games. All gamers are teleported to the entrance hall at the end of the video game, and the map is immediately reset to its original state.


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