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Download and install GTA mod for Minecraft PE: transform your relaxed sandbox into a harsh gang-fighting game.

GTA Mod Features

Grand Burglary Car and also Minecraft PE are both very popular video games of all time. Given that recently, they are merged, many thanks to the GTA addon. It makes all gang battles feasible in the sandbox.

However, this modification improves the game's already existing aspects, making it way more fascinating than it utilized to be.

Besides, other MCPE addons are altering the GUI, so it appears like the GTA's one.

GTA Road Battles

According to the mod's writer, this addon is among the most preferred ones. Furthermore, it is just one of the most effective ones too. It turns out Minecraft PE gets lots of weapons, skins, and crowds.

Unfortunately, most of the features replace existing possessions. For example, the power saw is on the ax's area, Mp5-- on bows, as well as goon's blade on sword's.

Those items authentically fit MCPE's atmosphere because it's now flooded with mobsters and also criminals.

Clearly, the villagers have actually been changed by shooters as well as hooligans from different gangs, meaning your life is now way more delicate than it was.

Nevertheless, normal villagers are neutral unless you strike them initially. Sadly, you can not tame those individuals by any means in Minecraft PE.


Citizens aren't the just one changed in the game-- husks, zombies, skeletons, as well as lots of other mobs are currently totally various. For example, Ballas gang participants are husks, as well as zombie pigmen are cops currently in MCPE. Incidentally , all gang participants assault other bands, consisting of law enforcement agent. Cops are neutral, also, so you shouldn't disrespect them unless you desire a fight.

On the various other hand, skeletons currently work as Vagos members, as well as this gang is one of the most dangerous ones available. It appears they have Mp5 prepared to shoot. You cancoop with police to combat them off in Minecraft. Nevertheless, it's going to be tough to keep previous zombie pigmen in your corner.


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