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FNAF Universe 0.14.0 – 1.18.12
Five Nights at Freddy by Dany Fox 0.14.0 – 1.18.12

Download and install FNAF mod for Minecraft PE: experience actual scary trying to escape from the tragic animatronics.

What is FNAF Mod in MCPE?

Five Nights at Freddy's is just one of one of the most popular scary videogames made by one programmer. Initially, the developer was attempting to make only a standalone task.

Now, there are numerous them, so these fans are making outrageous looking texture packs, specifically designed maps with innovative Redstone engineering, and also outstanding mod including new crowds and also things in Minecraft PE.

FNAF World

This MCPE addon is probably one of the most terrible ones available. It turns out you'll have to survive on the planet presently full of frightening animatronics.

Individuals think they have soules of youngsters they when entertained. Currently, they are searching you, as well as absolutely nothing will quit them from devouring your unpleasant spirit in Minecraft PE.

Thankfully, there are constantly methods to eliminate them off. Users will certainly have to adjust themselves to the brand-new extreme fact as well as seek their weak spots.

As an example, some are sluggish, however others can stagnate when you're looking at them.

Incidentally, their MCPE designs are incredibly high-detailed.

5 Nights at Freddy by Dany Fox

Dany Fox is just one of the most devoted FNAF followers on the Web. He included tons of web content to the video game, and also it's currently time to bring the genuine terror as well.

Therefore Minecraft PE presently has brand new plague-like monsters all set to extinguish everything alive, consisting of the player. There more than two loads animatronics sneaking around the Overworld.

In addition, several of them brighten light during the night. Also the tiniest and prettiest creatures can create significant issues to the uncautious individual.

It turns out essentially every new crowd has an ability and also desire to kill the gamer as well as others in MCPE.

The designer indicates that the addon is still in growth, so you can anticipate more to find in the future.


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