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Hidden Button               Version 1.4.0 – 1.18.2
The Mystery of the Lost Button               Version 1.16.0 – 1.18.2


Download the Locate the Switch map for Minecraft PE: check your listening in this tricky as well as amazing examination.

Discover the Switch MCPE Map Highlights

There are loads upon lots of various Minecraft PE map designs and also styles. A few of them provoke individuals to eliminate hordes of zombies. Others allowed them chill and also have harmony.

Nevertheless, the minigames style has probably become the most prominent and thrilling one out of every one of them. Repetitive suits, fast video games, great deals of fun follow this genre.

As a result MCPE customers can easily find minigame maps online. Locate the Button style is one of the most played minigames alongside Skies as well as Bed Battles.

Numerous wary people test themselves with a tiresome but oddly-satisfying game where you have to discover a button amidst various blocks.

Hidden Button

For instance, this Minecraft PE map entails gamers in a gruelling as well as difficult journey where you have to beat an atrocious bad guy.

One need to find all concealed buttons on a myriad of one-of-a-kind places to put an end to the ferocious animal intimidating the whole globe.

The offered map conflicts all real MCPE fans whether they are successful in finding the preferable button. If you intend to prove your excellency as well as terrific listening, after that you'll need to spend some time looking for these tiny blocks.

The Mystery of the Lost Button

On the other hand, this Minecraft PE map pleases and also pleases the gamers with a plurality of vivid areas loaded with shade and also life.

It'll be not just enjoyable to be in right here yet challenging to find a button in this bouquet of shades. Yet, the procedure will certainly be soothing enough for everyone to delight in.

Many MCPE users will discover Find The Switch maps not so difficult after discovering that most of these levers hide under pieces as well as staircases.

Nevertheless, it's common to understand the button existed regularly, but you never noticed it anyhow.

Download for free at MCPEDL


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