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Download the Ruin Mod for Minecraft PE: go to Hell and try to endure in this unsafe place full of creepy monsters!

Ruin Mod for MCPE

There are lots of mods for Minecraft PE that include characters from prominent video games. Naturally, it was impossible to overlook such a renowned shooter as Doom.

You can really feel the scary environment in the cubic globe after downloading and also installing this add-on to the video game.

The developer created well-known beasts and enhanced the locations of the game world by including extra dark colors. The Ruin mod will definitely make you feel like you are in Heck.

Satanic forces

Gamers will certainly meet ten residents of Hell that can show up anywhere in the video game region. Each beast has special abilities in Minecraft PE.

For example, the Seeker demon hunts players in the Nether.

You can also satisfy the Heck Baron, the Archers, as well as various other unsafe creatures. Several of them have unusual and weird appearances. For example, Arachnotron has several legs and also appears like a crawler.

A number of devils from Ruin can fly, such as Cacodemon or Pain Elemental. So, players ought to await an air assault.


The Doom mod adjustments Minecraft PE territories: deserts and savannas become extremely warm. This climate can damage Steve, so it's much better to stay clear of these areas.

Snowy biomes look the exact same but don't kick back due to the fact that hellish beasts can wander close by.


Gamers can meet a number of employers in Minecraft PE. The most dangerous Doom personalities are the Gladiator, the Symbol of Transgression, as well as the Warriors.

Defense as well as Items

The Doom mod brings new products to Minecraft PE. You can locate several sorts of firearms: a chain pistol as well as an extremely shotgun.

Some melee weapons for fights are also contributed to the game: a chainsaw and an assassin's blade. Players will certainly likewise obtain added armor.

To receive products, utilize the/ give @a cc: crate_box command.

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