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Download and install the Chiseled Me mod for Minecraft PE: increase and also lower your dimensions in the video game freely.

Chiseled Me MCPE Mod Includes

Marvel Ant-Man film was among one of the most amazing movies launched recently. An idea of the capacity to alter one's volumes has actually sparked in the eyes of millions.

Consequently we have a lot of Ant-Man addons releasing in all feasible video games, and also Minecraft PE is no exception.

It ends up there are a wide variety of all forms of those adjustments. Some include brand-new crowds, others-- the Ant-Man himself.

Nonetheless, the Chiseled Me mod takes all the others' growths and also develops it right into something extremely impressive.


MCPE individuals can do two equally funny things. You can end up being as little as an ant or as tremendous as a zombie titan.

According to the addon's writer, a gamer can grow up to thirty-two times. All of it jobs many thanks to the Antsuits that you can purchase from armorers.

These magical weaponries somehow transform your form as well as shape, making you either taller or tinier in Minecraft PE.

Nonetheless, they are fairly costly to acquire.


If you wish to boost on your own two times, get 8 emeralds and diamonds. Four-time enlargement needs twelve of each.

MCPE customers can get a match, that makes them bigger as much as 32 times for 64 emeralds and diamonds.

Typically, these suits are handsome as well as rather beneficial when it involves shapeshifting.


Incidentally, your decreasing capabilities are much more bountiful somehow. It turns out you can get 128 times a lot more mini in Minecraft PE.

You will certainly be four-times tinier than a solitary pixel of the video game. Nonetheless, with minimal dimension, you get even more small powers.

A player will be digging and moving really slowly because of their measurements. There's a benefit.

The smaller sized you are, the less most likely you will certainly be struck by somebody in MCPE.

Generally, it's entertaining and also engaging to mess around with those clothing.


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