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Original Block Hunt               Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.0
FS Treasure Hunt               Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.0


Download And Install the Block Hunt map for Minecraft PE: find an impressive area and look for the prize of your own.

Block Quest Map Highlights

Minecraft PE has a great deal of opportunities for self-expression and the understanding of unique as well as unusual concepts. Thankfully, users are free to do anything they hunger for.

As an example, Block Quest is just one of one of the most well-known minigames where some customers try, and also others look for them all. However, it's a little bit more difficult than you believe.

Original Block Hunt

This MCPE map presents the abilities you've never had prior to. All of them are important for the updated gameplay. It seems you are hiding from cruel hunters or are one of them.

This map's guidelines are rather straightforward to comprehend to adhere to. In the beginning, individuals split right into two different groups: hiders as well as applicants, accordingly.

As it's evident from their names, several individuals, or supposed chasers, will certainly start to play later than hiders since the latter have to conceal initially.

As a matter of fact, all Minecraft PE individuals are blocks currently, so it's less likely for anglers to spot you. Moreover, there are fewer shooters, however hiders still can not battle yet run.

The worthless ones need to locate and also remove covert blocks, while other customers clothed like a TNT or glass will have to slip or run as fast as possible.

FS Treasure Hunt

This MCPE map feels a little bit various from the one above. Its core suggestion has been drawn from a Roblox minigame. Your function is to find and dig up all treasure chests on this map.

There are a couple of items that will certainly help you throughout your excavations. Fireworks teleport you if you get stuck, and the book is a handbook for all brand-new users.

This map is rather large, so it'll take a lot of effort and time to locate all the valuable Minecraft PE treasures. Possibly, it'll feel less tedious if you play with your buddies.

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