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Batcave Arkham Knight              Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.2
Batman Parkour              Version 0.14.0 – 1.16.1


Download and install the Batcave map for Minecraft PE: satisfy genuine Batman and explore his well-known lair loaded with interesting things.

Batcave MCPE Map Highlights

Batman is perhaps one of the most popular superheroes ever. As a result even Minecraft PE gamers handled to create something devoted to him.

First off, there are loads of Batman skins. On the other hand, you can download and install locations of his glorious manor.

However, he has constantly been known for the cavern that he has actually turned into the shelter. Currently, all MCPE individuals will certainly have the ability to examine it.

Batman Arkham Knight Batcave

According to the developers, they attempted to stand for the extremely copy of the sanctuary from one of the most effective Batman games.

Minecraft PE map is almost like the original one. Consequently you can anticipate roomy areas, comprehensive cavern views, as well as Batmobiles.

Batman's garage is rather substantial and loaded with loads of autos. A user can also find a submarine.

These vehicles are constructed from Netherrack, proving those famous cars and trucks are out of this world and also behind our understanding.

Obviously, there are dormitories and also an arsenal with the Batsuit. It's a diamond shield, which enables you to protect the weak and defeat wickedness in MCPE.

Typically, you are gon na like it given that there's a lot to do.

Parkour Batman Version

The developers who developed this Minecraft PE map made a decision to offer some objective to it. You no longer simply walk around and lounge.

In order to find all its tricks, you'll have to climb to the top of the tower. It instead made complex considering that this parkour has great deals of shocks.

To start with, the majority of the obstacles you'll encounter are made from various complicated materials, like ice or wall surfaces.

In spite of its intricacy, this MCPE map is rather tiny. You can defeat it quickly, yet users can get worse points fairly quickly.

Call out your pals and start the competitors to make the overall experience funnier.

Eventually, this Batman relevant Minecraft PE map has great deals of secrets.


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