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Backpacks Addon 0.14.0 – 1.18.0
Advanced Backpack Mod 0.14.0 – 1.18.0

Download and install knapsack mod for Minecraft PE: reach bring lots of loot on your long experiences.

What does the Backpack Mod do in MCPE?

Users usually experience some problems with the distant trips they typically take on. Discovering brand-new dungeons, settlements, or pure mining underground takes a great deal of your supply area.

That's why knapsack adjustments have been developed. Minecraft PE gamers will ultimately have some room to keep their nitty-gritty things.

Currently, you ought to no longer fret about the absence of space in your pockets.

Backpack Addon

This MCPE mod is just one of one of the most ingenious and detailed ones. According to the developer, his bags can do lots of various things others would never have pictured.

Firstly, you can store anything from poultry eggs to dirt blocks. There are no limitations when it comes to depositing products. Besides, players are capable of upgrading the instances at any time they want it.

There are three capabilities: little, average, and also huge.

Nonetheless, addon's most remarkable element is the capability of knapsacks to include any kind of liquid in Minecraft PE. For example, hold a bucket of water or lava in your hands as well as take a look at the sack.

Afterward, simply press the "Do away with water/lava" switch. So, it is not simply a knapsack, yet simultaneously a barrel.

Clearly, you'll have the ability to take the fluid out later.

One more interesting thing about this MCPE addon is how the security functions. Usually, any person would be able to open your bag, yet if you put a special belt, nobody will.

Countless Backpacks Mod

There is one more Minecraft PE addon which functions nearly the same as the previous one but a bit different. The prior addon added alive backpacks-- they were real entities in the video game.

However, bags are products this time around. You can craft them making use of natural leather as well as any dye you want. When made, open it as well as put anything you can.

There is plenty of room to carry your products in lengthy far-off journeys around the MCPE globe.

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