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Notchland              Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.2
Disney Center              Version0.14.0 – 1.16.1


Download the theme park map for Minecraft PE: have a good time on great areas loaded with different interesting points.

What is an amusement park in MCPE?

An amusement park is just one of the most pleasurable areas you can check out in your life. It ends up there are a lot of merry-go-rounds, roundabouts, as well as carousels.

Besides, it's frequently to see Creepy Caves and also Laughter Areas in those parks. That's why so many people are visiting theme park so often.

Also Minecraft PE fans are keen on them, so they decided to develop big and also interesting maps loaded with things to try as well as have fun in.

Notchland Park

According to the place's writer, this amusement park is just one of the greatest ever in MCPE. It's called after the video game's developer Markus Persson Notch.

Generally, there are more than seventy various and also distinct attractions, so you won't certainly be bored at any time faster.

This map was developed for the fans of roller coasters and Minecraft PE in the first place. However, others can enjoy it also given that there is a lot to experience.

It somehow advises of Las Vegas, because every little thing is so glossy as well as impressive. Besides, it's the area of happiness, so is real Las Vegas. Incidentally, there are greater than loads of roller rollercoasters in MCPE

For instance, there are a couple of Ferris wheel analogs as well as Ton of money Wheels. However, Notchland has rather useless builds also. Masterpieces of contemporary architecture and also 2D-arts.

A minimum of they are making the map look incredible considering that every little thing really feels so busy and also agglomerated in Minecraft PE.

Disney Center

This MCPE map applies popular from the 1980s Disney Center, providing an aesthetic aim to the game. There is an entire amusement park open for you.

You are complimentary to explore it alone or with your close friends. Additionally, the location is actually immense. There are numerous different buildings in Minecraft PE.

In some way it reminds Abu-Dhabi with its futuristic design and also great deals of water fountains.


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