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Abandoned Theme Park              Version 0.14.0 – 1.18.2
FunPark              Version 0.14.0 – 1.16.1


Download the Abandoned Amusement Park map for Minecraft PE: experience a flight on amazing destinations and much more.

Deserted Amusement Park MCPE Map Features

Minecraft PE has great deals of blocks to build something absolutely superior. Gamers use these blocks to construct enjoymentparks, cities, and castles.

Often they incorporate common construction components with Redstone to make certain the complexity of their develop.

This moment, MCPE customers have actually developed something incredibly outrageous-- a huge theme park, which has been deserted for some reason.

You will be the initial one to check out and also appreciate this neglected jewel. Despite the fact it's deserted, the theme park is totally practical.

It means customers have full control of everything occurring inside it in Minecraft PE.

Deserted Theme Park

This map's attribute is that it's a PVP place, which suggests you can have epic as well as fierce fights.

It's more than likely to be described as a Cravings Games map as well.

There are several chests in the middle of the park which include valuable loot. It's typically swords, armaments, and some ammunition.

MCPE customers' goal is to make it through and also exaggerate other players. There are numerous containers around the amusement park.

Generally, this area is rather fascinating given that there are many special and also well-detailed areas.

There's a golden goose, little shacks, a clown head-looking attraction, and so a lot more.

This Minecraft PE map's makers recommend setting the problem to peaceful. In addition, one needs to not break blocks.

Clearly, leaving the park is restricted.


Although this MCPE place is not abandoned at all, there is still a lot to see. It turns out the author desired the customers to damage it.

Nonetheless, one need to explore it and also enjoy prior to the destruction. Developers assure 5 rollercoasters and lots of little snack stores.

Minecraft PE individuals are free to uncover every bit of this amusement park and then shed to the ground.

Several of the structures include fire-proof product, so you must make use of TNT to shatter it.


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