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Download and install the citizen mod for Minecraft PE: experience upgraded people and brand new settlements.

What does the Villager Mod add to MCPE?

A great deal of Minecraft PE players love trading with new villagers, whereas others are still not certain whether it's amazing or not.

As a result, numerous mod makers collaborated and created the brand new addon, which absolutely boosts general negotiation gameplay.

This modification is called Delighted Villagers, and it's actually epic because communities and towns are now entirely different in MCPE.


Firstly, all villagers have transformed their attire and overall versions in Minecraft PE. Every work and also employee now look a little bit extra genuine.

They in some way reproduce jobs from the real life. Hence miners weak yellow coats as well as helmets, but shepherds have fancy sweatshirts made of wool.

It indicates citizens have become even much better and also more classy in MCPE.


On the various other hand, their way of acting and functioning has transformed also. It ends up residents now have truly detailed animations.

Besides, their schedules are different also. Farmers will be gathering plants quicker and smarter. You can also see how various other workers labor in Minecraft PE.

Leatherworkers, cartographers, weaponsmiths, and others a minimum of look alive now.

Additionally, homeowners presently walk a lot within their town. Nonetheless, there are also female villager variations in MCPE.

They all have got distinct structures and designs. And also, they act a little unusually than guys.


By the way, Pleased Villagers Addon booststhe labor element of the video game, presenting clergymans and guardians to the tranquil towns.

They'll be shielding communities from risks of all kinds in Minecraft PE.

Nonetheless, you are still in demand when it concerns tough power.

Moreover, those citizens have actually also got conversations appearing when they interact.

Thus customers will hear a lot of babble on the roads.

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