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Download the SCP mod for Minecraft PE: explore the darkest tricks of this well-known company.

SCP MCPE Mod Highlights

Minecraft PE is not a scary game, yet its neighborhood can turn it into a real problem with lots of modifications as well as structure packs.

This time, the SCP addon does all of that quite effortlessly. It turns out there are now numerous distressing creatures slipping worldwide.

Fortunately for the explorers as well as travelers, they can be slaughtered with no issue in MCPE.

Nonetheless, most of SCP besties are rather robust.

Below's the checklist of the monsters you'll encounter in the game.

SCP-173 and also SCP-049

This crowd's attribute is its actions. It turns out SCP-0173 will not strike you if you consider them.

Need to you only attempt to look away, and it will certainly strike you promptly in Minecraft PE.

On the various other hand, SCP-049 appear like a plague doctor from the Center Ages. It infects villagers turning them right into zombies.

Besides, this supposed medical professional gives the wither impact on a gamer. Hence it's not that fast to be eliminated in MCPE.

SCP-682 and SCP-053

Moreover, there are also immortal creatures in the game currently. For instance, SCP-682 is the greatest mob ever before.

Firstly, it is invincible, which indicates you can not literally kill it. Second of all, it kills various other crowds promptly. No shield will shield you in Minecraft PE.

As a matter of fact, SCP-053 is maybe the weakest animal. It has just twenty health points, yet that little lady scares a lot of users.

She will certainly comply with any type of customer as well as, if attacked, will resist in MCPE.

SCP-939 and also SCP-019

This mob is just one of the most unique-acting ones. It ends up it is hostile just when it hears you, so you should not take risks and also make no noise in Minecraft PE.

It has one hundred and also fifty HP and offers twenty points of damages, so SCP-939 is rather extreme.

Notwithstanding, SCP-019 is amazingly quick and also nearly impossible to defeat. If you see it in the distance, you need to run.

In conclusion, MCPE players currently have way extra obstacles.

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