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PocketPower 0.14.0 – 1.18.2 NOT AVAILABLE
Wireless Redstone Mod 0.14.0 – 1.18.2 NOT AVAILABLE

Download Redstone mod for Minecraft PE: communicate with the current innovations permitting you to build crazy things.

What is Redstone Mod in MCPE?

Mojang Studios has been servicing Minecraft PE for a long time now, but Restone engineering was included not that much time ago. Thus a few players are still unable to connect with them.

Thankfully, some addons deal with those minor problems, so everyone could utilize Redstone to build something really impressive and complicated.

Besides, a few various other alterations are adding new opportunities to the red dirt in MCPE.


This mod's objective is rather easy-- to bring marvels of the industry to Minecraft Bedrock Version. Regretfully, old variation customers weren't able to utilize this magic red-colored rock.

However, it changes now since you are obtaining all possible Redstone-related blocks and capability.

For example, there are presently pressure plates as well as lights in the game. As it appears from its name, if you put pressure on that point, it'll send out impulse you require.

Moreover, you can trigger the pressure plate by standing on it or putting any kind of thing on top. Currently, you need to link it to the lamp with the Redstone dust in MCPE.

Therefore the video game receives tons of brand-new and also all-working blocks to play as well as construct with.

Wireless Redstone Mod

This Minecraft PE addon has a huge capacity to turn into one of one of the most reliable and useful Redstone mods ever before produced. It shows up there are new means of sending power currently.

Because the mod's called "Wireless," there are such blocks as transmitters, cordless repeaters, receivers, and block breakers. And also all of them have some objective in MCPE.

For instance, the transmitter creates and also sends out a signal which will after that be taken by a receiver or a repeater.

However, the opportunities this mod gives you are essentially limitless.

It indicates you no longer need to attach every component of your ugly contraption. Wires are ending up being old-fashioned, so do they in Minecraft PE.

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