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, as well as see the bamboo forest where pandas live!

What's brand-new in Minecraft PE

This is the first sneak peek construct for variation 1.9 Village and Pillage. Minecraft has a large number of new attractive blocks. On top of that, the ... "> Download Minecraft full variation with functioning Xbox Live for Android, and visit the bamboo forest where pandas live! What's new in Minecraft PE

? This is the initial sneak peek construct for version 1.9 Village as well as Pillage. Minecraft has a large number of brand-new decorative blocks. On top of that, the developers from Mojang have added one brand-new biome and also one crowd. Pillager This is a creature hostile to the gamer in Minecraft, which has 24 life systems. Plunderer does not put on shield and always attacks with a weapon. His favorite location for assaults is towns, which he is not averse to ruining entirely.

In Minecraft, it is called a marauder. Occasionally a plunderer's crossbow can break, after which he will certainly have nothing to assault with. This makes him the only aggressive mob efficient in coming to be passive.

Bamboo woodland

With the release of MCPE, the forest has undertaken some changes. Having been in the forest, the gamer can reach a place without trees. Rather, there will certainly be the only bamboo. This is a brand-new generation called a bamboo woodland. A bamboo woodland is a preferred area for pandas, as they always have food right here.


In Minecraft, several new blocks have actually appeared, which are particularly appropriate for embellishing frameworks. To be much more precise, numerous kinds of blocks already existing in the video game have been added.

For example, currently the player can build an indicator from 5 various kinds of timber. Likewise, in Minecraft, there are 2 more brand-new kinds of flowers: cornflower and lily of the valley.

Other minor repairs

Of course, the programmers did not forget about the mistakes in Minecraft

  • items in hand are shown properly when transforming the source pack;
  • the player can use weapons to strike crowds;
  • the customer can ruin falling blocks making use of commands;
  • an alert is presented when a tamed animal dies.

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