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: pandas, felines, scaffolding, and also extra!

What's brand-new in Minecraft 1.8.0?

Finally, the programmers at Mojang launched a launch in which they included brand-new mobs, obstructs, and also things. Among them, specifically the players of Minecraft 1.8.0, like the pandas. Likewise, ..." > Download and install Minecraft 1.8.0 complete variation with working Xbox Live for Android: pandas, felines, scaffolding, as well as extra! What's brand-new in Minecraft 1.8.0? Ultimately, the designers at Mojang launched a launch in which theyincluded new crowds, blocks, as well as items. Among them, particularly the gamers of Minecraft 1.8.0, like the pandas. Additionally, a great deal of focus was paid to bugs and solutions.


Minecraft 1.8.0 has 2 brand-new crowds. First off, it is worth keeping in mind the introduction of new Windows pandas. Additionally in the game you can currently meet cats. Pet cats Now, these are animals different from the ocelots. You can tame pet cats with raw cod.

Recreation is done in similarly. Felines spawn mainly in villages and jungles in Minecraft 1.8.0. They love to oversleep beds and likewise bask on the stove. Cats and Ocelots do not take loss damages.


Mobs neutral to the gamer in Minecraft 1.8.0. Nonetheless, if they are assaulted, they will certainly respond in kind. Pandas, like pet cats, reside in the jungle.

They enjoy to eat bamboo and also cake. It is likewise worth keeping in mind that now phantoms do not assault the player if a tamed cat is alongside him.


The perfect remedy for those that like to construct numerous buildings in the survival mode in Minecraft 1.8.0. With the aid of scaffolding, you can climb to great heights as well as come down safely.

They are very easy to destroy: it is enough to break the lowest block, after which every little thing else will fall out in the form of a decrease.


Discovered in the forest in Minecraft 1.8.0. It can be approximately 16 blocks high. With the help of bamboo, you can breed pandas and create scaffolding.

The look of this plant changes with its growth. Upon getting to the last of development, the main stem becomes noticeably thicker. Bamboo can additionally be positioned in a pot.


An effective tool for ranged combat in Minecraft 1.8.0. Can shoot both arrowheads as well as fireworks. Unlike a bow, the crossbow must be totally attracted. It is offered until now only in the experimental video game setting.


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