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Download Minecraft PE Update Aquatic for free on Android: new blocks to build with and mobs to fight against.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios are still deliberately working on the Update Aquatic, releasing yet another part of it right away. Minecraft PE features barrier blocks and so much more.


This overhaul’s center character is a phantom, or the Monster of Night Skies, as it’s been called at Minecon Earth 2017.

That’s the conference when users voted for it, so phantoms ended up in MCPE This flying beast is the only floating mob that is hostile to a player.

However, you won’t see them unless you don’t sleep for more than three nights in a row. It turns out developers introduced the Insomnia effect.

Furthermore, it also denotes users now have to sleep at night, so these pesky creatures wouldn’t attack them in Minecraft PE

Usually, phantoms attack in a group ranging from two to four species at once. Notwithstanding, the more nights you don’t spend on your bed, the more phantoms will appear to annoy you.

Moreover, these mobs are strong enough to vex you enough in MCPE Still, you can overcome this issue by just going to bed.


Nevertheless, if you want to have a fight with phantoms, you should craft yourself a bow and some arrows since these mini-dinosaurs actually fly.

Besides, phantoms do drop their membranes, and one can utilize them to make some potions in Minecraft PE If brewed in the particular stand, it results in a tincture of Slow Falling.

Users are free to drink it and then fall down without taking any damage. You might even feel you’re a chicken in the air since they act the same way.

On the other hand, a phantom membrane is also used to fix elytra added not so recently.

Consequently, there’s another application for this unique item: phantoms drop these seldom in MCPE


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