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, and also fulfill animals like drowned as well as turtles!

What's brand-new in Minecraft 1.5.3?

In Minecraft 1.5.3, the designers from Mojang have totally focused on transforming the water globe. In this version, brand-new crowds, obstructs, and items have actually been included.


..."> Download Minecraft 1.5.3 full version with functioning Xbox Live for Android, as well as fulfill creatures like drowned and also turtles! What's new in Minecraft 1.5.3? In Minecraft 1.5.3, the designers from Mojang have actually entirely focused on transforming the water world. In this version, brand-new crowds, obstructs, as well as products have been added. Mobs Minecraft 1.5.3

presents formerly undetected sank animals and turtles. The drowned are the opponents of the gamer. Turtles, on the other hand, do not present any threat. Perished These are hostile mobs that survive on the seabed. If you find yourself underwater, they will instantly rush to you. If one of them likewise has a trident, he will certainly toss it at you. They can likewise go ashore at night. The Perished Male is the only creature that simultaneously refers to both water mobs as well as undead.


The next new residents of the sea area in Minecraft 1.5.3 are turtles. They are environment-friendly, sluggish animals that survive the shores of the oceans.

If you feed them with seaweed, then eventually, you will certainly observe prompt land. You should secure these eggs from hostile creatures, as they would certainly not mind damaging them. Prevent standing on clutches of eggs, as they are very vulnerable and also break quickly.

Blocks and also products

In addition to mobs, Minecraft 1.5.3 has brand-new things as well as even one block-- a conductor. Concerning the latter, it is worth keeping in mind that it provides the result of sea power to the gamer that is in contact with water. This permits you to see as well as take a breath underwater and also raises your swimming speed.

Name Summary
Scute Decrease when turtles are born. I needed to craft some products.
Shell Provides undersea breathing for 10 secs after immersion in a body of water. It can be crafted from 5 scutes.
Turtle power potion Made from an uncomfortable potion as well as shell. After you consume it, get resistance to damages as well as slow down for 20 secs.

Bubble columns

While roaming around the sea world in Minecraft 1.5.3, you may notice bubbles. If they are produced by lava, they will drag you to the bottom, as well as if with the sand of spirits, they will press you up. By placing magma blocks, you can make a fish ranch. It will certainly additionally assist deal with drowned individuals during the night.


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