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Download Minecraft PE 1.2.6 Better Together for free on Android: jukeboxes and music discs, numerous unique items, and fireworks.

What’s new in MCPE 1.2.6?

Minecraft PE 1.2.6 features a plurality of marvelous-looking blocks and handy items to make your chores even less tedious.


Mojang Studios joins the party and adds fireworks to its sandbox survival game. MCPE 1.2.6 users can craft fireworks out of gunpowder, dyes, and paper.

You don’t even need to use dyes, but your bangers won’t have an effect at all. Moreover, one is free to combine rare and unique patterns adding heads and other special items to the recipe.

Now, users have to empty space with fireworks in their hands to launch them in Minecraft PE 1.2.6. They do not fly too high, but nearly everyone will see them from a distance.

There’s even a possibility to propel many bangers simultaneously, so the show looks even more thrilling and epic.

Moreover, elytra owners will enjoy crafting some fireworks without even dyes since these push users up to the skies in MCPE 1.2.6. It means you can legitimately fly with elytra and fireworks combined.

Other Items

Minecraft PE 1.2.6 also features some other unique things to craft. For example, there’s an armor stand: it’s made of stone slabs and sticks.

Obviously, one places its armor on it. Therefore you might expect to see more armories throughout the servers since they look dope now.

However, an armor stand can carry only one set of well-crafted protection in MCPE 1.2.6. On the other hand, a book and quill is another excellent addition for all imaginative users.

You are now free to write your candid stories, leave relevant notes, or simply joke at your friends dropping some creepy messages behind.

Generally, you’ll definitely find a use for all these extensions.


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