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, and also launch fireworks straight right into the sky!

Minecraft 1.2.3-- What's New?

The Better Together update has become one of one of the most global. In this variation of Minecraft Bedrock 1.2.3, brand-new blocks, items have actually been included. Furthermore, the ... "> Download Minecraft 1.2.3 full version with working Xbox Live for Android, and launch fireworks right into the skies! Minecraft 1.2.3-- What's New? The Better Together update has turned into one of the most international. In this version of Minecraft Bedrock 1.2.3, brand-new blocks, products

have been included. In

addition, the gamer, as soon as in the forest, can listen to uncommon bird sounds. This will certainly end up being a parrot with an appealing color. The main The designers from Mojang, firstly, added brand-new world settings to Minecraft 1.2.3. You can now make it possible for a bonus chest and also include trusted gamers. If you turn on cheats, then it will be possible to change various other parameters.

As an example, it will certainly be possible to turn off the explosion of dynamite or the spread of fire. An additional just as essential development in Minecraft 1.2.3 is training. With its aid, novices will certainly be able to obtain used to the video game quickly.


In Minecraft PE 1.2.3, the gamer, checking out the globe's immensity, may notice a rift in the ground.

Coming more detailed, he will see a deep burrow to 30 blocks high. This location is called a canyon. Usually there is both water and also lava near the bottom. In unusual instances, a deserted mine can develop together with the canyon.


As mentioned earlier, this bird lives in the jungle in Minecraft 1.2.3 as well as has an intense shade. You require to tame a parrot with seeds. After taming, the parrot will always comply with the player and also occasionally sit on the shoulder. It is not suggested to fall off the blocks, as the parrot will instantly leave.

Blocks as well as items

The Minecraft 1.2.3 update boasts a wealth of new blocks and also things. First of all, it should be claimed regarding the blocks.

Flags and also glasses

Available in 16 various colors. Perfect as a design for different structures. Flags can be crafted in the workbench utilizing wool and sticks as well as tinted glasses from the suitable color and also common glasses.

Reserve with feather

One more long-awaited advancement in Minecraft 1.2.3. With it, you can take different notes. This is specifically required for the contractors of maps, in which a large amount of information requires to be shared. Unique to Bedrock Version can fit two pages on one display.


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