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Download Minecraft PE Better Together for free on Android: shipwrecks, coral reefs, six new oceans, drowned, and many more.

What’s new in MCPE

Again, Mojang Studios is focusing on the Update Aquatic, a renewal that must end the old oceans and start the new exploration era.

Minecraft PE introduced at least six unique oceans with new vegetation and mobs generating there. For instance, one meets kelp utterly everywhere underwater.

You can use kelp in a furnace to dry it out and eat or craft a block used as an efficient fuel. Besides, the ocean bottom is home to seagrass henceforth.


Even liquids themselves have been remade, so they act enhanced, correctly, and realistically in MCPE It behaves differently now.

First of all, it fills slabs, doors, trapdoors, fences, gates, and even stairs. If needed, water even goes through them.

Therefore more realistic and pragmatic buildings may appear in this sandbox survival. Generally, Minecraft PE revamps water drastically, leaving no place for cheats and abuses.

Items & Mobs

There are a few quite exquisite things to find in this renewal. First of all, buckets of fish are regular buskets with real fish inside.

One should make a container and head to the nearest water source.

Then user buckets to grab nearby fish and place them back everywhere you want in MCPE

As a matter of fact, real fish now spawn in the water: not just an item in your inventory as it was before. There’s cod, salmon, pufferfish, and three thousand tropical fish in this update.


Another rare sight in the updated seas is sunken ships. These buildings contain one or two chests inside that usually store a map of buried treasure.

Besides, Minecraft PE shipwrecks have diamonds, iron and gold ingots, and other stuff like papers.

Generally, there are a lot of exciting things to try out in this significant update.


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