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Download Minecraft PE 1.2.13 Better Together for free on Android: a diverse number of significant changes, a few blocks, and even fireworks.

What’s new in MCPE 1.2.13?

We must first mention some marvelous-looking blocks like stained glass and banners in Minecraft PE 1.2.13.

Underwater features

This update has brought a few additions from Update Aquatic. For example, there are stripped logs users can make using an ax on a regular log.

Builder will definitely be happy about this renewal since there are even prismarine stairs and slabs in MCPE 1.2.13. All of it is available only via Experimental Gameplay, though.

Furthermore, one can get a spawn egg of drowned. These creatures will dwell in underwater ravines and will try to drag explorers down with them.

Drowned sometimes spawn in rivers and lakes as well, so you stay wary in Minecraft PE 1.2.13.


Developers from Mojang Studios are continuously working to deliver the best gameplay to this sandbox survival. For instance, there’s a new crafting system.

It was specifically designed to make it as convenient and useable as possible in MCPE 1.2.13. You have to look for the needed recipes no more. It works nearly automatically.

The old MATTIS system is here as well, but no longer in an active mode. You can switch back if you want, but it’s less comfortable when you might think.

Minecraft PE 1.2.13 has also become more friendly to all new users. It appears there’s an in-game help guide created to ensure everyone understands what they should do in this distinct world.

On the other hand, users that would like to play on one device can henceforth do it. The split-screen possibility is now a thing in MCPE 1.2.13.

However, not all platforms support it. You should check it out in the first place.


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