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Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: create traps from the sculk blocks, get froglight, use goat horn, catch tadpoles with a bucket, and much more!

What’s interesting in Minecraft

Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs Part 2 continues a series of updates in which Mojang developers fix bugs and add interesting content, smoothly introducing it into the existing world.

New blocks

The creators of the game from Mojang decided to decorate the world of Minecraft with colorful decorative blocks of froglight. Players can get this resource with the help of swamp inhabitants.

Steve can feed the frog with a block of magma, and after it, the froglight will drop.

There are glowing sculk blocks in the dungeons of the game world. Some of them are suitable for creating acoustic traps. Moreover, the blocks can not only pick up signals but also transmit.

By the way, the sculk-shriker has another curious property: it can impose the effect of darkness on the hero.


In the mountain biomes of Minecraft PE, Steve can meet goats that have valuable horns. When a goat crashes with a hard surface, players get its horn.

There are tadpoles in the marshes of the cubic world. These tiny creatures can only live in water. Over time, they grow up and become frogs.

By the way, you can catch tadpoles, but you need to catch them first, and do not forget to take a bucket with you.

The animation of the swamp inhabitants has high quality. It is noticeable in the frog jumps. You can also hear croaking, very similar to the real one.

Also if you want to download free mcpedl mods your are welcome to do that on this website.

Additional updates

Mojang Studio has improved the gameplay in Minecraft The developers managed to fix the error that occurs during the passage of creatures through the doors.

Steve can also place paintings on different blocks.


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