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Download Minecraft PE 1.17.0 full version: Get the fragile crystals of amethyst, break the blocks of raw and melting the ore, go to the caves to find the tuff.

Minecraft PE 1.17.0 – What’s new?

Developers of Mojang studios continue to delight us with novelties from the large-scale update «Caves & Cliffs.» Now players can learn a new amethyst biome in Minecraft PE 1.17.0 with clusters.

You can also test a spyglass – this is a new object created from copper bars. The upgrade is saturated and very colorful, thanks to the introduced mechanics and the modified system of mining blocks.

Amethysts and geodes

One of the new resources in Minecraft 1.17.0 is amethyst. It’s a precious stone that’s generated in small caves called amethyst geodes.

When the player interacts with the blocks, for example, walking on them, hitting them with a pick, or just breaking them, a distinctive bell ringing is heard.

The amethyst jets contain not only strong blocks but also small crystals. There’s no way Steve can get it, just by using tools or mechanisms, especially a piston.


Another new feature of Minecraft PE 1.17.0 is the spyglass. It can be used to bring the right object closer and take a good look from afar. It should be noted that when using a pipe, the user begins to experience the same effect as when wearing a cut pumpkin.

In the game, an object is especially useful if you need to consider distant objects.

Melt ore

The developers decided to modify ore mining in the cubic world of Minecraft 1.17.0. To obtain the necessary resource, it will be necessary to melt the droplets of the necessary ore in the oven.

There are several advantages to such a system. First of all, the advent of realism in caves. Second, there’s more inventory and room space.

Raw ore

Minecraft PE 1.17.0 also contains blocks of gold ore, iron, and copper. Only now will there be a so-called raw ore, not bullion.

That’s what they call it because the droplets that products are the raw materials.


It was decided to change the location of the tuff spawn. The resource now is located at a depth of 0 to 16 blocks by y.

The move was made so that players could see a smooth transition from normal rock to shale in the world of Minecraft 1.17.0.


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