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Download And Install Minecraft PE 1.16.221 complete version: azalea

tree, moss, spore bloom, and also deep shale! Minecraft PE 1.16.221-- What's new? Another test version of Minecraft 1.16.221 has been released. Mojang have actually continued to service including cavern blocks. A brand-new exclusive crowd has actually appeared in the game-- axolotls, an unusual shale, as well as even several brand-newplants! Azalea Mojang Studios brought 1.16.221 azalea trees and leaves to Minecraft PE 1.16.221. There are two variants of the brand-new plant: typical as well as flowering.

These ornamental blocks are offered only in Creative's stock. Azalea can just be grown on the ground-- in dirt, moss or clay.

With some luck, the plant may appear in moss when bone marrow is utilized.

Spore blossom

Spore blossom is one more ornamental plant in Minecraft 1.16.221. It can producing attractive bits of spores over cross countries. This feature makes it much easier to discover a blossom.

Spore blossom obstructs can be positioned on all-time low of any block.


The developers have additionally executed moss in the 1.16.221 Minecraft variation. Bone meal can change close-by blocks of earth, sand, gravel, and all kinds of rock in moss. Positioning the device in an author with a 65% possibility raises moisture.

Also, it is rather easy to make a moss cover from the moss on a workbench. This faulty block in MCPE 1.16.221 is rather comparable to green rugs made of lamb wool.

Radiance lichen

Among one of the most exciting developments of Minecraft PE 1.16.221 is glow lichen. This block can give off level 7 light, hence lighting up dark caves. The lichen can be damaged by any instrument and also hand, but can just be made with scissors.

You can utilize bone dish to increase the spread of symbiosis between fungis and also algae.


In MCPE 1.16.221, the gamer comes down into a dungeon and also can find a brand-new crowd-- the axolotl. Axolotls come in various shades. A tropical fish pail need to be made use of to attract their interest.

This mob can aid deal with drowneds, guards, and also various other mobs underwater.

Deep shale

There is likewise now a deep shale at the reduced level of the Minecraft caverns. When excavating for a dark stone, there's a possibility a crushed shale will drop.

With this source, it is feasible to make different foundation, actions, cooktops, as well as walls.


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