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Download Minecraft PE full version: try to find broken portals or encounter new aggressive mobs!

Minecraft PE – What’s new?

With the release of Nether Update, the Hell has almost completely changed in Minecraft PE

The player can see new mobs and new locations by going to hell. Also, a tough material appeared – Netherite.


With the release of MCPE, four new mobs were added: Hoglin, Piglin, Zoglin, and Strider. The latter differ in their neutrality to the player. You can even control them with a carrot rod. When they enter the ordinary world, they become zoglins.


Minecraft PE has a large number of new blocks. Among them, a revival anchor deserves special attention. You can use it to recreate yourself in the lower world. But to use it, you have to load it with luminous rocks.

It is not recommended to anchor in the ordinary world because it will explode.


As is known, the diamond was the hardest material in the game. However, with the release of MCPE, the durability standard became nonsense. It can be obtained by melting the remains of ancient ruins generated at an altitude of 13-22 blocks in hell.

Piglin Bastions

It is essential to mention the Piglin Bastions. More precisely, their ruins – players will find these locations almost destroyed. In Minecraft PE, there are four types of such buildings: stables, apartments, bridges, and treasury.

You shouldn’t forget that there are piglins everywhere. So you should wear something made of gold. Bastions are made of lamps, black stone, and a couple of blocks.

Broken portals

By the way, in MCPE, you can now stumble on random portals to the Nether throughout ordinary and Lower World. And these ruins are made of weeping and regular obsidian, a block of gold, and a pair of blocks of Lower World stone.

That is, it will be easier to get into that world. By the way, if a hoglin passes through a portal and enters the ordinary world, it will become zoglin.


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