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Download Minecraft PE full version: use respawn anchor to spawn in the Nether World or explore new biomes!

Minecraft PE – What’s new?

The lower world’s capabilities were enhanced by the upgrade of Minecraft Nether Update. The version contains hoglins and piglins, various blocks, and three new biomes.

But the developers are not going to stop there.

The new version made the game even more interesting, thanks to two new mobs and the location of the basalt delta.

Respawn anchor

Minecraft PE has the option of respawning on death in the lower world. The anchor is an analogy of a bed in the conventional world. But it needs to be charged because it loses its charge every time it revives.

It is not recommended to install a respawn anchor in other biomes, as it will explode and a bed in the lower world.

Basalt delta

This location has no clear advantages in Minecraft PE However, it is very atmospheric in Basalt deltas due to mist ash. It is also worth noting that lava cubes and striders mainly inhabit this area.

And you can also see broken portals. They appear in both the ordinary world and the Nether.

Bastion remnants

Large castle-like structures. They appear in almost every biome of the Lower World at Minecraft It is common to find both hoglins and piglins. It is also worth saying that the remains of the bastion can be formed in the form of 4 structures, each of which differs completely.

It could be both bridges and a treasure room. Only in this biome can you find a Pigstep music disc and a painting with Piglin inscription.


Striders are neutral entities in Minecraft Bedrock, inhabiting almost every biome of Hell and having the ability to move quickly through the lower world.
Striders can be found in any non-human biome, but you have to be close to the lava to increase the chances of finding them.

They may themselves be passive and, if their lives are threatened, they run away.

In doing so, they sound like a retreat. The strider’s only weakness is water. It’s water that can kill them and damage them.


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