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Download Minecraft PE full version: try to discover a few new biomes and fight the terrible mobs!

Minecraft PE – What’s new?

The new Minecraft PE is a complete change and transformation of Nether.

There are three new biomes and two creatures with fascinating abilities in the Nether World.


These mobs in MCPE appear in groups in the crimson forest. Depending on who stands before the Piglins, they will switch between aggressive and neutral behavior.

Piglins are equipped with crossbows and golden swords. Mobs have exchange functions. If the player throws gold bullion next to you, the pyglin will take it back by giving you the sword.

In the ordinary world, the Piglins can’t exist. If you take them out of hell, in 20 seconds, that monster will become a common pig.


As it has become clear, the basic mobs of hell have something to do with pigs, and Hoglins are no exception. They are aggressive pigs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition who will mate in the crimson forest.

Like the Piglins, they appear in groups. The probability of the Hoglins being adults is 75%. These mobs attack like golems: they will throw a player in the air.

It is recommended to find hellish mushrooms and stand next to them to escape their anger, in which case they will not attack. The Hoglins can’t swim in the water and begin to sink.

Crimson forest

Unique terrain where almost every element has different shades of red. The crimson forest is a giant mushroom where weeping vines and mushrooms are placed.

There are also clusters of crimson blocks and light stones on the surface. The feature is that there is a bright red fog.

Distorted forest

The main part of the distorted forest at Minecraft consists of new blocks, which have this name. The primary colors that can be seen are blue and turquoise.

It is very similar in structure to the crimson forest — large blue mushrooms with elements of hellstone. From vegetation, there are distorted roots and hellish sprouts. The mist has a dark blue color.

The distorted forest is the only Nether biome where you can encounter Enderman.


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