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Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: this version brings lots of changes to the standard features.

What is new in MCPE

Mojang has promised to make Bedrock and Java Edition of the game work the same way for more than five years. Finally, change can already be seen.

For example, the command block interface from now on fits the 4:3 ratio, meaning you can start engineering on any display. At the same time, shearing a sheep will change affect it correctly in MCPE


By the way, user’s enchanted weapons now apply the way they should. Earlier, they functioned wrongly. Thanks to Mojang’s hard work, most of these bugs have gone once and for all.

Floating leaves that are usually left when a tree is chopped down will no longer prevent the new tree from growing. Besides, hoppers will grab bonemeal from a composter above in Minecraft PE

Nonetheless, giant trees do not generate with missing blocks.

Usually, you could see spruce trees floating around the taiga, which was hilarious to look at.

General improvements

There are a lot of enhancements, as you can see. According to the developers, they are trying their best to make MCPE more enjoyable and relaxing.

Some players reported their hands worked a bit weird lately. Timely bug fix solved that problem. Additionally, there are now fewer crashes in the game.

Some of them could even appear during a playthrough. It might result in the loss of the world. Luckily, these and many other errors and technical issues have been corrected in Minecraft PE


Obviously, the Nether Update, like many other game’s major versions, tries to improve its performance.

While one dev team is trying to make gameplay more comfortable, the other works hard to bring new features to addon creators. For instance, bee spawn eggs can now be modified in content packs of MCPE

Overall, there is a lot to see in this beta-version, which might seem too small for something exciting.


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