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: experience brand-new crowds who are not afraid of any type of monster!

"> Download And Install Minecraft PE 1.14.20 full variation: encounter new mobs that are not

worried of any kind of beast! Minecraft 1.14.20-- What's new? The new Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.14.20 is a development related to.

It is called Bees & Honey as well as presents new crowds with improved behavioral manuscripts.

Buzzy Bees

The brand-new crowds are an icon of the Minecraft Pocket Version 1.14.20. Buzzing are mobs with a contemporary scripting engine. Many thanks to them, have a certain formula for handling any type of circumstance.

Their main task is to pollinate blossoms as well as make honey. They stay in hives, places for honey storage space and also protection in case of a threat. They're neutral by themselves, however you obtain an entire swarm if you assault a minimum of one bee.


Honeycombs are orange blocks with lattice patterns that are attractive. All functions of this block in MСPE 1.14.20 have actually not yet been resolved.

Although the brand-new blocks work as a design aspect, Mojang talks about the addition of a feature like honey storage space.

Honey Blocks

The new blocks were gone over at Minecon 2019 and also were given a very long time. The honeycomb blocks in Minecraft PE 1.14.20 are numerous functions and also applications.

Their residential properties resemble those of the slide block. This means that the blocks will certainly be well-matched with the systems, and also the effect is minimal.

Wild Hives

Wild hives are home to bees. The natural regeneration of the Minecraft 1.14.20 will certainly recover them near the blossom field. But every tree has only 5 percent for a hive-- bees save honey and also sanctuary in case of rain.

Wild hives are recommended to be mined with scissors or with a silk touch. If you do not, you run the risk of honey as well as a flock of angry bees.

Self-made hive

The MCPE 1.14.20 has all the same properties as the wild hive. Conveniently, the player does not have to go to the blossom area to obtain honey in the wild.

It is enough to scratch a homemade hive of 3 and 6 boards. And afterwards, you wait for degree three and use the bubbles to collect the honey.


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