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: experience a brand-new mob that's smarter than a Ender dragon!

"> Download Minecraft PE 1.14.0 full variation: experience a

new crowd who's smarter than a Ender dragon! Minecraft 1.14.0-- What's brand-new? The long-awaited MCPE 1.14 branch has actually finally been released. You can now maximize all the game's technologies without errors.

Mobs that have a modern-day scripting engine in the new variation of Minecraft Bedrock Version 1.14.0. It's what gives them greater than 10 behavioral circumstances. The factor these buzzing animals exist is to pollinate flowers and also make honey.

They live in hives as well as guard them quite possibly.

Consequently, it is not a good idea to disrupt them, due to the fact that the lawbreakers of their peace are penalized by an entire swarm.


The programmers determined to expand the world of enthusiasts of charm and also creativity by including honeycombs blocks.

These are yellow-orange latticework blocks, which are four-hundredth croffets.

In Minecraft PE, the craft consisted of nine combs.

Honey block

The brand-new blocks are exactly the like the scum blocks. For those who intend to simplify life in MCPE 1.14.0, it is recommended that first off get honey as well as make honey blocks.

They can be made use of in machines because of their sticky properties. It's also great as a catch, because this block can additionally slow down. The damages is decreased by 80% when you fall on it.

Wild hive

Bees require a hive to execute their feature in Minecraft Pocket Version 1.14.0, since that is where honey is saved. The hive shields the from danger and also bad weather condition, so they will shield their habitat in all costs.

Wild hives can be extracted with weapons of silk touch, or with scissors

Home made hive

For those who intend to watch at Minecraft 1.14.0 bees close and long, you have to damage a homemade hive. They carry out just the same functions as the wild.

The сraft includes 6 boards and 3 hundred.


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