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Download Minecraft PE Buzzy Bees for free on Android: Mojang added new stuff, blocks, mobs, and much more to the game.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang never got a chance to reveal the next update, which is the Buzzy Bees overhaul. Minecraft PE expands your brand new opportunities by fixing some bugs and changing some vital aspects.

For example, the “n” letter in Bee Nest is now capitalized since everyone respects bees and their houses.

By the way, do we have to remind you that you cannot destroy these blocks?

It turns out bees are quite sensitive when it comes to it in MCPE If you destroy one, they’ll attack you.

To collect some honey, simply place a bonfire underneath it.


The Buzzy Bees update has also added some extravagant blocks. However, the most exciting and useful one is the honey block. It can move mobs and items laying around a trap.

Minecraft PE gives you new abilities for better honey harvesting.

Additionally, riding a horse on honey blocks will slow it dows because the honey is sticky as you know.

By the way, users aren’t able to jump on those gluey constructions.

Nonetheless, from MCPE on, you can jump over one block with a “Jump Boost” effect.

General fixes

Besides, some of you can use split-screen to play Minecraft PE The best part of it you now can adjust and customize your character while playing together.

Moreover, you can apply your new skin without leaving the game.

It’s all thanks to the Character Creator, new way of customization your character in a fancy way.

Players finally get their chance to let their creativity go beyond some technical boundaries.

You can change any part of your body distinctively in Minecraft PE


All in all, this small bugfix release of Buzzy bees has been quite important to the game’s development so far.

It increased the FPS and introduced a new render engine, Render Dragon.

Thanks to it, we’ll be able to play almost entirely without crashes and lags in MCPE


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