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: Play the full video game with the foxes.

"> Download Minecraft PE 1.13.1 full version: Play the complete video game

with the foxes. Minecraft PE 1.13.1-- What's brand-new? Mojang educated MCPE fans that the branch upgrades would certainly improve performance to support the gameplay.

Developers try to decrease video game errors. This is the sort of initiative that all involving individuals can see in Minecraft PE 1.13.1.


Those that played the 1.14 version of Minecraft Java already know that foxes are nocturnal hunters that appear in the taiga, giant tree, as well as snow biomes.

There is a 5% opportunity that a 2-4 fox group will certainly appear in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.13.1. They are comparable in buildings to ocelots, however unlike them, they do not run away when a gamer techniques.

The most amazing thing about them is that there's a 20% share of the fox that maintains an object in its mouth.

Brownish cows

Several have asked yourself why Minecraft Bedrock Version 1.13.1 has red mushroom cows and brownish ones. Although brown cows would indicate absolutely nothing in the video game, as they are exactly the like red cows, the developers of Minecraft determined to add them.

How can you see a brand-new crowd? You need a lightning screw to hit an insect cow.

Framework blocks

Developers know that there are now numerous players that like to make cards on Minecraft PE. That's why they added structural blocks. These are blocks that are utilized to develop structures by hand.

The idea is to conserve the layouts and after that copy them to any kind of world. Each framework can be turned or shown.


For good procedure of the structural block in Minecraft PE 1.13.1, it was chosen to include a block structure_void.

It can only be obtained in speculative mode and only in imaginative setting by composing a command/ offer @s structure_void. His job is to get rid of all air blocks.

Perish Rose

A fantastic flower appeared in MCPE 1.13.1. The Wieser Rose can be obtained by creative thinking or descending into the Nether World.

But take care. A blossom can offer you a drying result. However, you can make a stew and also a black color.


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