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, and also evaluate your stamina, showing the waves of raids!

Minecraft 1.11.3-- What's New?

The name of the brand-new version of Minecraft PE 1.11.3 Town and also Pillage promotes itself. In this string, the main emphasis was on boosting villages. "> Download Minecraft 1.11.3 full variation with functioning Xbox Live for Android, as well as check your stamina, showing the waves of raids! Minecraft 1.11.3-- What's New? The

name of the brand-new variation of Minecraft PE 1.11.3 Town and also Pillage speaks for itself. In this string, the primary emphasis got on enhancing villages. The changes also impacted numerous crowds and also blocks. Raid Speaking of Minecraft 1.11.3, this development can not be neglected. It includes robber attacks to the video game. In MCPE variation 1.11.3, robbers look for to damage all beds and also eliminate all locals. If this takes place, the player will shed this battle. To prevent the onset of plaque, you must eliminate the result of the Brand of misery. This can be performed with milk.


In Minecraft PE 1.11.3, lots of blocks in experimental mode have officially shown up in the video game.


Offers for cutting rocks. Often it is difficult to obtain some blocks in the workbench. In this instance, in Minecraft, PE 1.11.3 rock cutter is an universal solution. If you place a stone in it, then a list of blocks that can be gotten will certainly show up on the left.

Cartographer's table

The cartographer's table is planned for lamination, in addition to growth of maps in Minecraft 1.11.3. It shows up in the town residences of cartographers. To increase, place the used card on the table together with a blank sheet of paper. And also for lamination-- together with glass. You can also copy maps with this block. To do this, you require to place the primary card alongside the empty one.


Got financial gets in Minecraft PE 1.11.3. With each trade, the citizen will certainly obtain experience. Upon reaching a certain experience, his degree will certainly enhance. This will certainly permit you to purchase better items. Occasionally also together with enchantment.

Changes relating to crowds in MCPE 1.11.3

The programmers from Mojang have actually made a few even more tiny modifications:

  • burglars do not kill youngsters in towns;
  • golems in Minecraft 1.11.3 appear in every town, as well as behind bars in stations;
  • citizens get away to their houses at the ringing of bells.

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